Team is more than another word at Marquee Security.  Each aspect of our business requires teamwork with no exceptions. The very act of, "integration" requires  input  from everyone at all times.


Executive Team

In this industry, the people behind the company are as important as the company itself. Security integration demands that the customers know and trust the people behind the wheel. We are very proud of our team and each member adds their own unique talents to provide you with the best security integration possible. Our team of experts tackle every task with a solid determination to be the best.

Doug McHose

As Marquee Security CEO Doug McHose has lead the growth of multi-billion dollar companies, established organization presence in four countries, incubated leading technology and established security integration for both retail and commercial organizations. Doug has also built a strong reputation for revitalizing public and privately held organizations and increasing their market share. His expansive network and revered standing as a leader is unparalleled and drives our principles of vision, innovation and integrity. 

Charlie Lunney       

As President at Marquee Security, Charlie Lunney brings over 25 years of experience in the security industry with proven success in the areas of Integration, manufacturing and consulting. Charlie’s years in top management roles with revered organizations such at Tyco, GE and Sony provides clients and staff unparalleled insights and operational know-how. He continues to stay ahead of the curve with industry-leading, innovative thinking and a relentless customer first mentality

Denise Canfield

COO Denise Canfield is a world-class services and manufacturing executive, a driving force behind Marquee Security’s operations. She oversees manufacturing, sales, research development, marketing, finance and customer service along with service and technology. Denise brings career experience in finance, healthcare, import/export, public works, retail surveillance and non-profit. This wide scope of experience fuels the visionary business insights and project development leadership gained by clients and staff alike.

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Raul Fernandez

Raul Fernandez is the General Manager for Central America, based out of Marquee Security’s central Americas headquarters in Costa Rica. Raul has a vast experience in the security industry including having previously owned and operating a security company for over 12 years. Raul joined Marquee Security 3 years ago, and in that time has dramatically increased Marquees footprint in Central American to include Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama and growing the staffing to 40. He has a proven track record of providing a responsible and committed performance that helps fuel client relationships and strategic outcomes.

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Jorge Rivas       

As Vice President of Finance for Marquee Security. Jorge Rivas works to implement best practices that ensure reliable and timely strategic financial stewardship. Jorge brings over 30 years of experience in financial operations in diverse industry sectors with both national and international presence. His proven insights and success are key in helping lead Marquee Security in the areas key areas of finance, compliance and M&A.

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Cesar Villarreal       

With over 18 years experience within security and loss prevention, César Villarreal is Marquee Security’s General Manager for Mexico and South America. He brings proven performance in driving business expansion in Mexico along with Central and South America. César’s experience also includes integrating security projects for the automotive industry, airports, schools, prisons and retail. His diverse industry insights and skilled IT knowledge are a valued and integral part of the Marquee Security leadership team.